Long Cay

Long Cay also known as Fortune Island is 8 square miles. It’s Capital is Albert Town, and although being the smallest of the three Islands lying North West of a Lagoon known as the Bight of Acklins,it was during 1780 to the early 1900 considered the most prosperous and more important of the three. Its main Exports were Salt and Sponges. Stevedores were also recruited by ships going to South America (Panama Canal) Europe and other parts of the world.

On my first visit to this island by boat, we were greeted by wild Dolphins who appeared to want to race with us, they increased their speed to match ours and as we slowed down, they did the same. As we pulled into the cove to dock, they disappeared mysteriously as they appeared. As we started our journey through a winding track road, birds of many species including the white crown pigeon flew from their perches, probably startled by our invasion of their privacy. After travelling about ten minutes, we came to a pond that had many Duck, we crossed the pond, and in the distance we saw a group of goats grazing. As we passed through the village,we saw lush green vegetation, flowers and trees that were not common to the other Islands. As we passed the village we walked to the Harbor where we saw a high cliff, and below on the Beach there was white sand as soft powder. We also saw many sea creatures diving and retuning to the surface, we later found out they were Turtles, diving for conch. We were also told that there was such an abundance of fishes that you could catch fishes with just a hook and a white piece of cloth. We decided to take a swim, and to our surprise there were conch on the seabed as far as the eyes could see. If you love Conch Chowder, Conch Fritter, Crack Conch or Conch Salad, Long Cay is One Island you must visit.